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Playing paintball is an adrenaline rush out of the ordinary, a perfect tool for you as a manager or leader who wants to sharpen the teambuilding even more and get your team to work towards the same goal! Höllviken Paintball Arena has grown in rocket speed and in just a couple of years has become one of the most visited paintball parks in Scandinavia. We have are busy when it comes to peak season & weekends so please feel free to book in time for your playing opportunity!

Included in all of paintballpaketingår:

  • World-class instructors - Trained in CPR and are available to support throughout our stay

  • Semi Automatic Paintball Markers

  • Helkroppsoverall med nack- och halsskydd samt Skyddsmask

  • Upplev våra fantastiska banor & spelsätt

  • Joy and a lot of money for money!

Pricelist - Packages

Economy Package

350SEK/ Per person
  • Paintball Marker, Overall, Protective Mask and 100 paintballs

Standard Package

500SEK/ Per person
  • Paintball Markör, Overall, Skyddsmask samt 500 bollar

Rambo Package

900SEK/ Per person
  • Special Paintball Marker, Overall, Protective Mask and 1000 paintballs