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The adrenaline starts to pump, the heartbeat may be even harder - many questions pop up, we will try to answer some!


Questions & Answers

Hos oss gäller åldersgränsen året du fyller 15 år för paintball. Vi varje speltillfälle skall samtliga spelare fylla i ett spelkontrakt där du godkänner våra regler & tar del av våra säkerhetsföreskrifter. För deltagare under 18 år krävs målsmans tillstånd.

Exceptions - Competition players and those who practice the sport continuously at any kind of national level, of course, can also play with us. There are those who start practicing sports already at the age of 9-10!


Här gäller åldersgräns från 6 år med målsman närvarande. Är målsman ej på plats skall skriftligt godkännande tas med och en annan vuxen i sällskapet bär ansvaret.

No alcohol in any form may be consumed before and / or during play. If on arrival you are not allowed to play because of alcohol, the booking manager will be charged SEK 150 / per registered participant. After the game is over, you will be happy to have access to our barbecue area where you can eat and drink picnics however you like.

The smallest groups we receive are company of 8 people. However, we are happy to match you together with another company! For example, you and a friend want to play paintball - you send us an email where you specify what day, time and how many you are so we match you with a group or more smaller groups so that you together form a group of at least 8 people!

It all depends on how many you are and what you are interested in. All prices are on our price list here on the website, if you are a group or larger company (50 pers +) we would love to contact you and we will create the best possible package solution for you!

Bokningsavgiften är en deposition för att reservera tiden till er. Säkerhet att tiden är bokad för Er del & att ni dyker upp för vår del. Vi hade tidigare bekymmer med att tider bokades fritt och sen uteblev grupperna.

Last cancellation time is two weekend free weekdays before booking the event! For example, if you have booked a game on the Sunday, you must cancel the Thursday at the latest.

It is possible to book for example 10-15 people. We would like to know approximately how many you will be as it facilitates our planning
If you want to pay in advance then you will be fine. We also take payment on site when you play, both card and cash goes well. We do not take Diners or American Express. For companies & associations we can offer invoicing.

Vi har mindre omklädningsrum på plats och förvarar era värdesaker i vår reception. Dusch har vi tyvärr ej i nuläget, däremot har vi knappt 1 kilometer till en av Sveriges finaste stränder – Kämpingestranden för dig som önskar ett svalkande dopp efter speltillfället.

We have easier kiosk sales on site with drinks and snacks, we can arrange a large variety of catering for your playing occasion but then it is required that you tell us well in advance!